Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown – World Class Slot Game

Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown - World Class Slot Game

Slot games is now available on the online betting platform Ph365. Now, bettors only need to open an account at the house to experience PGSoft’s top products. Surreal reels with a unique Western theme will definitely bring you hours of great entertainment.

Introducing the Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown game theme

Introducing the Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown game theme
Introducing the Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown game theme

There are two types of robbers in the world: robbers and people who steal from these guys. Cass is the latter and she traveled across the desert to steal hundreds of loot from bandits in the West.

This time Cass has entered Crystal Town, a new location to start the big heist. As soon as she arrived in town, she immediately went to an old bar in town, where locals gathered to exchange information. Cass hopes to hear a lot of information here.

Unexpectedly, when Cass walked in and ordered a drink at the bar, she noticed a group of men whispering to each other and looking at a folded map. Cass overhears their conversation and discovers that these people have some gold bars hidden in an old vault.

It was the loot they got after a bank robbery. Tonight, everyone will return to the bunker to divide the spoils. Not missing the opportunity, Cass followed as soon as they left the bar. This is the main theme of Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown.

Players will help Cass find a good ambush point to steal all the gold bars! Players have plenty of opportunities as the Wild Bounty Showdown video slot has up to 6 reels and an increasing multiplier. You can freely activate the reels and arrange symbols together to win prizes.

Detailed review of Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown

To know if the game is right for you, try reading all the detailed reviews below.

Volatility and RTP rate

Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown RTP is super high, up to 96.75%. This number shows that the game’s volatility is much higher than average. PGSoft makes players feel much more nervous. When you place a bet and activate the reels, you will see large fluctuations in your account, especially with free spins.

The maximum bonus multiplier that bettors can receive from Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown is 5,000X. Because of the large fluctuations and high rewards, the game fits the theme better. You will participate in the battles of the notorious robbers of the Far West.

How to play

You can bet between 0.2PHP and 100PHP per spin in the Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown slot. This is essentially a common betting range, similar to most other slot reels. Serves most types of players.

The game takes place on a 3-4-5-5-4-3 grid with 3,600 different ways for you to win. Bettors will win rewards by owning 3 matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel. Additionally, if there is a Gunslinger Wild symbol, it will replace any paying symbols.

From here, players can win big and even multiply their money. In the pay table, bettors can find details about the reward coefficients of each symbol.

Some special features

Some special features
Some special features

The system will multiply the number of winning symbols on each adjacent reel from left to right together. This total is then multiplied by the value in the pay table. The multiplier can range from 20x to 50x for 4 premium symbols. As for the Wild symbol, it will replace normal symbols and help you win.

Scatter icon

Some winning symbols may appear randomly during the spins. You can recognize it based on seeing the image in the icon. Gold bars will increase your winnings, helping you receive free spins, without needing to place additional bets.

Double winning feature in tiers

Winning symbols will be removed through a cascading mechanism. Therefore, bettors see many new symbols being dropped to fill the gap. This process repeats, as long as you keep winning. Thanks to it, bettors can fully hope to receive the best multiplier of 1024X.

Free spins

The bonus round will trigger when you land 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Initially, the customer will receive 10 free spins. After that, when you continue to activate scattered Scatters, you will again get +2 free spins.

The initial win multiplier on each free spin is 8X and it doubles on each trigger, until it reaches x1,024. In this regard, Wild Bounty Showdown is no different from regular games. You can re-trigger free spins quickly by spending 75 times your bet.

Payment table

Below are the symbols available on the reels and the bonus coefficients based on the number:

  • Bandit icon wearing a mask and holding a gun: Bonus ranges from X0.5 – X2.5
  • Pistol symbol: Bonus ranges from X0.4 – X1.5
  • Pink hat symbol: Bonus ranges from X0.25 – X1
  • Wine bottle icon: Bonus ranges from X0.25 – X1
  • A symbol: Bonus ranges from X0.1 – X0.5
  • K symbol: Bonus ranges from X0.1 – X0.5
  • Q symbol: Bonus ranges from X0.1 – X0.5
  • J symbol: Bonus ranges from X0.1 – X0.5

Frequently asked questions about the Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown slot game

Before participating in this Slot game, players will certainly have some questions surrounding the reels. Here are the details for you:

Does Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown have a free version?

Does Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown have a free version?
Does Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown have a free version?

At PH365, you can play the Demo version without having to deposit money or register an account. However, players will be limited in some features. Besides, if you run out of free coins, you cannot continue activating the spin. Not to mention, even if they win, the player cannot withdraw the bonus money.

Is it possible to make a lot of money from Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown?

Yes, players can absolutely register an account at Ph365 and experience the surreal Western spin. After that, if there is a strategy, the money will automatically be added to the ID. When reaching 50,000 VND, customers can withdraw their winnings and enjoy it in their own way.

Is Wild Bounty Showdown slot available on mobile?

Have. This product has been designed by PGSoft to be suitable for mobile phones. Not only compatible with iOS or Android, it can also be suitable for iPad. Therefore, customers can download the house’s application to experience the game on a vertical screen.

Is there prearrangement in Wild Bounty Showdown?

This is a video slot licensed by GLI. So, RNG will generate random results and all you need is luck. No one can predict the symbols on the reels. Therefore, bettors should rest assured that they will receive transparent and fair results.

In addition to Ph365 Wild Bounty Showdown, PGSoft also releases many quality Slot games with surreal graphics. Some of them include Pinata Wins, Mystic Potion, Wild Ape,… If you want to unleash your potential and explore multiple themes, visit the publisher’s game library now.

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CEO Lorenzo Barcelo

CEO Lorenzo Barcelo

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