Ph365 Casino Color Game – Discover How To Play Easily To Win

Ph365 Casino Color Game - Discover How To Play Easily To Win

Ph365 casino color game is an online prize exchange card game that meets international standards of the publisher JILI. The game uses 3 dice with 6 different colors, just roll out 3 dice of the same color to win a huge Jackpot reward, maximum X5000 bonus. To understand details about this game, please refer to the following article of PH365.

Things to know about Ph365 casino color game

Things to know about Ph365 casino color game
Things to know about Ph365 casino color game

To better understand this game, the information below will be useful for you:

Ph365 casino color game rules

JILI Color Game includes 6 dice with 6 different colors: blue, green, pink, red, gray and yellow.

In the same bet, you can bet on many different colors, the minimum bet for each box must not exceed the maximum bet.

After the betting time ends, the system will roll out 3 6-sided dice, the prize money will be calculated according to the payout ratio of each dice.

The Jackpot will be assigned as 3 dice of the same color, displayed at the top of the screen. When rolling out 3 dice of the same color as the specified color, the player can participate in the Jackpot game.

If there are any problems leading to the inability to produce game results, that game will not be counted.

If the player has successfully placed a bet and then lost connection, and cannot take any action to affect the bet result, that bet will still be counted.

Payout rate of Ph365 casino color game

The payout ratio will be based on the number of appearances of the colors to calculate.

RTP = 96.91%.

The corresponding payout rates are as follows:

  • Appears once, ratio 1:1
  • Appears twice, ratio 1:2
  • Appears 3 times, ratio 1:9

Rules for playing Jackpot games

  • Minimum bet x50
  • Turn out 3 dice of the same color as the Jackpot’s designated color
  • The minimum bet will be calculated for each game. In the same game, if you bet on multiple boxes of different colors, the bet will be totaled.

Details of Ph365 casino color game interface

  • Bet Chip button: Click to select Chip to change the bet amount
  • Return button on the left: Can return to the previous betting operation of the game (excluding deleted bets)
  • Return button on the right: Return all bets of the previous game (can only be used after successfully betting 1 game)
  • Delete button: Delete all current bets
  • X2 Button: Doubles all current bets, but will not exceed the maximum single bet.
  • Button 30: In multiplayer mode, each bet has a time limit.

Tips for winning Ph365 casino color game

Tips for winning Ph365 casino color game
Tips for winning Ph365 casino color game

The Ph365 casino color game is highly random, with no specific secrets or strategies to guarantee victory. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you increase your chances of winning the color game.

Choose Different Levels

Color games at Ph365 Casino have different levels to meet players’ needs and abilities. You can choose the level that’s right for you to increase your chances of winning big. However, remember that the higher the level, the bigger the bet will be and the risk will also increase.

Bet Management

Bet management is an important factor to keep you in the game longer and increase your chances of winning. Set a maximum bet amount that you can afford to lose, and when you reach this number, stop and do not continue betting. Additionally, you can also set a minimum bet amount to ensure you won’t lose too much money in case the game doesn’t go your way.

Consider Winning Odds

Before you start playing color games, you should consider the winning rate of the game at Ph365 Casino. This will help you get an overview of the game and decide whether it is right for you or not. If the winning rate is high, you can try your luck and vice versa.

Compare Ph365 casino color game with Other Platforms

To have a better overview of the color game at Ph365 Casino, let’s compare it with other platforms.

Diverse Games

Ph365 Casino is a platform with more than 2000 diverse and rich games, of which color games are just one of them. Other platforms also have similar color games but not as diverse and rich.

Promotion System

Ph365 Casino has a very attractive and diverse promotion system, including bonuses, gifts and VIP programs for regular players. This helps players have more money to bet and increase their chances of winning. Meanwhile, other platforms may have promotion systems but are not as diverse and attractive as Ph365 Casino.

Security and Safety

The most important thing when participating in online casino games is security and safety. With a modern technology and security system, Ph365 Casino ensures that players’ information and accounts are always protected. In addition, Ph365 Casino has an operating license and is periodically inspected by government agencies, ensuring transparency and fairness for players.

Security and safety when playing Color Games at Ph365 Casino

Security and safety when playing Color Games at Ph365 Casino
Security and safety when playing Color Games at Ph365 Casino

As mentioned above, security and safety are important factors when participating in online casino games. Ph365 Casino understands this and always puts customer security and safety first.

Security system

Ph365 Casino’s security system is applied with the most advanced technologies available today, including 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure players’ personal information and accounts are not compromised. In addition, Ph365 Casino also has other protection measures such as periodic checks and monitoring to prevent possible security issues.

Operating License

Ph365 Casino is one of the reputable online casino platforms and is periodically inspected by authorities. This platform is licensed by the Government of Malta and uses Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to ensure the fairness of games.

After exploring the world of colors at Ph365 Casino, we can see that this game is not only simple and exciting for players, but also offers many benefits and opportunities to win big. However, bet management and entertainment are also very important when participating in this game. Let’s join the Ph365 casino color game and experience the fun things it brings.

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