Meet CEO Lorenzo Barcelo – The Founder of Ph365

Today, CEO Lorenzo Barcelo remains a visionary leader at Ph365, ever eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of online betting. His blend of in-depth analytics, user-focused innovation, and a warm, engaging personality continues to inspire his team and delight customers around the globe.


Hearty Nels was born and raised in the bustling city of Manchester, UK, renowned for being the homeland of two famous soccer teams – Manchester United and Manchester City. From an early age, Hearty displayed a curiosity about numbers and a passion for sports, which blended into what would later become a groundbreaking career in online betting.

Hearty pursued his academic interests at the University of Manchester, earning a degree in Mathematics focusing on statistics. His classmates often joked that Hearty could predict the outcome of anything, from cricket matches to university elections, with uncanny accuracy. Little did they know, Hearty’s talent for predictions was more than just a party trick—it was the beginning of a visionary career.


After university, Hearty dove headfirst into the world of finance, working for a major bank in London. Still, his love for sports and his knack for numbers eventually pulled him towards the sports betting industry. Then he climbed the ranks at various betting firms, combining his analytical skills with his innovative ideas to enhance user experience and engagement.

Hearty’s journey in the betting industry is peppered with tales of risk and reward. Once, during an important presentation, he bet his entire team dinner that he could enhance the company’s revenue by 20% within a year through a new data-driven betting model. Not only did he win the bet, he also treated the team to an extravagant dinner that no one would soon forget – true to his generous spirit and confidence in his abilities.

CEO Lorenzo Barcelo has a special passion for football

CEO Lorenzo Barcelo has a special passion for football
CEO Lorenzo Barcelo has a special passion for football

Football has always been more than just a game for Hearty Nels – it’s a lifelong passion. Growing up within walking distance of Manchester United’s iconic Old Trafford stadium, Hearty developed a deep love for football at a young age. His father, a devoted fan, took him to his first match when he was just six years old. The crowd’s energy, the game’s thrill, and the shared excitement were magical to young Hearty, and from that day, his heart was forever tied to the pitch.

This passion for football is woven deeply into both his personal life and his professional endeavors. Hearty often shares that one of the primary inspirations for Ph365 was to bridge the gap between the electric atmosphere of the stadium and the digital experience of online betting. He wanted to capture that same communal thrill and bring it to the fingertips of fans worldwide.

Hearty is known to keep a football at his desk, a constant reminder of his roots and the simple joy that a ball and a goal can bring. He encourages his team to think of Ph365 as a digital stadium where fans can gather from all corners of the globe to share their passion for the game. 

Hearty’s personal anecdotes about football, whether he’s recalling an unforgettable match or debating over the greatest players of all time, never fail to entertain and engage his team and the wider community. His love for the game shines as an integral part of his leadership, inspiring his team and enhancing Ph365’s mission to revolutionize the online betting experience.

Founding Ph365

The idea for Ph365 came to Hearty during a rainy weekend while watching a particularly dull football match. He imagined a platform that would make sports betting not just about placing bets, but an immersive experience – integrating sports updates, community features, and advanced predictive analytics to cater to both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

In 2015, Hearty turned this vision into reality by launching the betting platform Ph365. He began with a small team in a modest office (where the coffee machine was more temperamental than the British weather). Under his leadership, Ph365 grew exponentially, driven by his commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and an engaging betting environment.

Goals and Vision

CEO Lorenzo Barcelo goals for Ph365 are clear – to innovate responsibly while enhancing the excitement and enjoyment of betting fans worldwide. He is a firm believer in promoting responsible betting and is committed to maintaining the integrity and transparency of the gaming experience.

His vision extends beyond the conventional boundaries of the betting industry. Hearty is determined to transform Ph365 into a global leader not only in betting but in sports entertainment, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide real-time, interactive sports content.

Personal Stories and Humor

Personal Stories and Humor
Personal Stories and Humor

Those who know Hearty will attest to his unwavering optimism and his slightly quirky sense of humor. He often quips that “the odds are good, but the goods are odd,” a playful nod to both the unpredictability of sports and the daily challenges of running a cutting-edge tech company.

CEO Lorenzo Barcelo is also an avid marathon runner. He jokes that running a startup is much like running a marathon – both require stamina, determination, and a good pair of sneakers. Once, he even organized a company-wide “fun run,” which turned out to be a chaotic yet hilarious event involving more lost participants than an actual race.

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CEO Lorenzo Barcelo

CEO Lorenzo Barcelo

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